Thursday, July 29, 2010

Selling Out Ft. Dragonflies

Dragonfly Fact: A dragonfly nymph begins life as a water dwelling creature, completely incapable of life outside of the pond. Yet inescapably, it must at some point in its adolescence, climb a branch, out of the water, dry its aquatic body out in the sun, and crawl out of its old skin, let its newfound wings expand, and from then on, embrace life as a creature of the sky.

Ok, so maybe it sounds a bit lame, but can I be completely honest and make an open confession? I love grocery shopping! Actually it runs worse than that! I love that I get to plan out meals ahead of time and scan flyers for the best deals in order to make the most of my time. It then goes without saying that I love having an amazing brand-used '97 Chev Cavalier in which I can do my grocery shopping and drive to work in. Furthermore, I love the responsibility of keeping my car clean, cared for and kept. Even though work itself is frustratingly boring some days, I can't deny that I am so grateful to God for the Opportunity to work and make a little money! I love that I can sit at my desk for several hours a month, tracking and budgeting every penny, cause I'm counting on each one. I love that I will be moving soon (hopefully) to a new apartment, which will later become the first home for myself and my beloved bride-to-be! I love that even after 14 months of being together, the thought of making dinner, doing dishes or reading together still bestows upon me Excitement!

And I can't explain why these otherwise completely ordinary, day-to-day changes captivate me to such a degree, but I strongly suspect the continual joy of knowing HIM for whom I labour, might have something to do with it! I really did wonder a lot when I was younger and observing these transitioning dragonflies, how in the name of God did these creatures attempt to grasp the metamorphosis before them? To become to completely OTHER, yet still maintain those traces of sameness. At the same time of observing dragonflies, I would find myself wondering how on earth I would face transition of responsibility when the time came. Maybe most of us wonder. Well, here I go now!

It's definitely scarier than I could have imagined!

Plus, it's more of an ongoing change than I anticipated.

And I have far more questions than I ever have before.

Well, I don't know if this means I'm "selling out", but if embracing the adult world of work and responsibility with anticipation and joy labels me as such, I will happily bare the title. Life is short. And ALL of it is precious!

Whether underwater,

in the air,

or anywhere In Between...



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  1. hmmmm, so I love you AND your writing style :) You're not selling out, just becoming the man God made you to be! xoxo