Friday, July 16, 2010

Carpe Diem

He didn't need to of course. It certainly was not to imply that I was any more deserving than others. But God decided to bless me today. When I finished work at 3:00 PM this afternoon, and stepped out into the hot sunshine to walk to my car, I realized I had been blessed. For exactly where my car was parked, at that exact time, a tall narrow ventilation shaft was casting a perfect shadow across my drivers seat. Almost every other car was roasting in direct sunlight. The rising sun still had trapped heat within my small car, but as I took the wheel, there was no denying that a little shade goes a long way! Barely a meter long, probably with only a half hour lifespan, but that shadow was a sweet gesture from a loving Father. Along with everything else in all creation, it was made, so that God would be glorified. Just one of the thousands of blessings I'm sure I overlook everyday. So, here's one blessing that, even though small, deserves some worshipful gratitude!
So I will praise Him!


Jake Rivers

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