Sunday, July 4, 2010

Salt and Pepper

For quite some time Ashleigh has been tantalizing me with tales of the Brazilian table. Meat, beans, rice, and so many other wonderful ingredients...I finally had the privilege of enjoying my first Brazilian meal today thanks to the aforementioned, ever-talented finacee! She was definitely right about one thing: They don't go easy on the salt and pepper!

We followed our late lunch with a beautiful afternoon-evening of rest, walking, loving, and talking. The wonderful thing about Ash is we can talk about anything. Sometimes simple, sometimes serious. There are some days where it just feels so good to be alive. Other days the weight and messiness of this broken world seems to turn even the warmest summer day cold. Its not just a weight of the past. There's the confusion of today and the fear of the future to further complicate this crazy life.

Today wasn't a hard day, but it definitely had some hard moments.

Just like it had some beautiful, amazing, heart-stirring moments.

All in the same day.

The subsequent angst reminds me of when I was younger, and how I would eat all my veggies first, so I could enjoy the meat for last! I think if I had my choice, I would want to reapply that tactic: Just deal with all the hard days in life first, and then kick back let the good times roll! However, here I am, picking at the messy parts of life, like they were intrusive vestiges of egg shell in my fry pan.

It is hard today. And there are many more hard days I'm already seeing on the horizon. I'm not trying to discredit all the blessing, but in Christ's name, I am looking forward to the day when He finally does away completely with the power of sin.

But for now, as I continue this heart-breaking, heart-melting, beautiful journey with my beautiful bride-to-be, I will resolve again to treasure every step we are given together. After all, I can't think of anyone else I'd rather be with, as we face the ceaseless spate that falls from the heavens. Sometimes, cascading, sometimes dribbling. In this rain we shall party, as life drops upon us good days and bad days; life and death. A little salt, and a little pepper.

The Master Chef is knows what he is doing. He always does.

After all, He made Ashleigh. And a scrumptious dish like that, does not happen by accident!


Jake Rivers (who is "hooked" on his Ash for life!)

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