Saturday, July 3, 2010

Love-Train of Thought

The choices! The options! The unceasingly overwhelming selection! A young engaged couple stood in the midst of the Cambridge Sears, scan gun in hand and shower and wedding gifts on their minds. How long did it take before the confusion began to erode communication, and subsequently cohesion? Who would have guessed planning a wedding/life together would reveal so much about my own sinfulness?

But praise be to the Lord Jesus Christ for display furniture, on which couples may escape to, to be honest about their feelings!

How fitting it is that among a thousand and one gifts, I'm marrying the best one. Whether she sees or not, God has given her so much patience and so much grace to give. Not that she always feels it, but there is no question that God has given her the discipline to bear with a confusing and frustrating sinner named Jake and to do so with love.

I don't think I'll ever know why for sure, but she loves me enough to desire my last name to be her own, even though I've forced it into Santa's naughty list irrevocably a thousand times over. She runs through my mind, despite its contamination. She feels safe in my arms despite the blood on my hands. She believes grace can win.

How great are you God, who plants seeds of love in sinful soil! Thank you for the gift of Ashleigh; for being able to spend one more amazing day with her today.



Jake Rivers

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  1. Jakes you make me cry! I love you baby, and especially love the way you write :) Indeed God is showing me grace through you also. Dang, you're a blessed gift!!!