Friday, June 17, 2011

A Mechanic, a Pig Farmer, and a Youth Worker Walk Into a Bar...

Right now I'm entering into another entertaining life transition. An employment transition. At present I have three options I am carefully sifting through. They are as follows:

Stay working for Linamar
Pros: simplest solution, maintain friendships with co-workers
Cons: Job sucks, lousy pay, temp status, long hours, and (more than likely) another five months of being promised full time employment *any day now*

Take job at Conestoga Meat Packers
Pros: good pay, quick access to benefits, sweet hours, shorter commute
Cons: job is super gross

Take Child and Youth worker job
Pros: hardcore life skills and experience, opportunity to use my degree, opportunity to step way outside my comfort zone
Cons: 45 minute drive one way, even lousier pay

Yes, the next few days should be very interesting ones indeed!


Jake Rivers

P.S. Here's a shout out to all the babies who came into the world this week, and to the many more all set to arrive over the next few months. God is so good!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Prayer and Falsehood

Today I counted three reasons I find prayer very difficult above all other spiritual disciplines. It's partially because I get distracted easily. It's partially because most of the time I am content with life and feel no need to draw near to God. But primarily, I struggle with prayer because there are cavities in my heart that still cling to false notions about God; notions which have yet to undergo the Holy Spirit's sanctifying work.
By God's grace I can say that I am sick of the false life to which these falsehoods seek to subject me. By God's additional grace, I am seeking that over the next 30 days, the Holy Spirit will draw me into a deeper grasp of what is true about God's character. Here are some of the key falsehoods I desire to be freed from over the next month.

Falsehood 1: Men are to be feared and submitted to over God.

Falsehood 2: My standing, worth, and significance before God is based upon the work I do.

Falsehood 3: God's Word cannot be trusted

My prayer, is that above all, Jesus Christ will bring glory to himself by manifesting his power in my life in a way that transcends to even the slightest aspects of how I live the life he ransomed.


Jake Rivers