Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Birthday Party

I don't know that I've ever been the "birthday type", despite my regular practice. It's almost as if there was a missing vital piece of information that is needed for the celebratory implications of a birthday to make practical sense. With variations ranging from anxiousness to full fledged mortification at the fleetingness of life, I still maintain that core perspective on birthdays that suggests a deer caught in headlights. This brings to mind the little joke that birthdays are worse than cigarettes because it's easier to get hooked and it doesn't take as many to kill you.

In all honesty I have fears about entering into each new year. There is so much hurt that comes in life and I sometimes feel like I haven't finished healing from the previous before heading into the next. The hope in opportunity is a double edged sword.

The time in between birthdays is when people die. It's when they fall away. It's when they make simple, hurtful mistakes like I did today when I said simple, hurtful things. In exile, we still remain.

But wonder of wonders, our God and Judge calls us to be a people of celebration. Even in jail cells, even in mountain caves, even in the midst of this present evil age. Because He still gifts lavishly. Not just breath, sunshine, love, and food, but His own presence and infinite grace. His calling us to celebrate, causes us to demonstrates how we view Him in our hearts. For to truly celebrate ANYTHING authentically in this life, is to declare that He is greater than any of powers in this world that can take it away. It is no waste for my to celebrate another blessed year of life, even during that year of my life in which death and suffering will makes its painful interruption for me. Through the cross of Christ, I am able to claim victory over death. How futile the forces of evil that think they can match the mercies of our Lord! No, this is only one day out of many, in which we defiantly celebrate our total victory, mid-battle!

Because He lives,
I can face tomorrow!
Because He lives,
All Fear is gone!

Because I know,
He Holds the future,
And life is worth a living,
Just because He lives!

Oh, yes we celebrate! The Party is our eternal destination. And good parties, you don't wait until you get there to be excited for them!


Jake (25 years young!) Rivers

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  1. mmmm, I can't wait for a party in heaven! You have such a good perspective on the fragility of life, Jake. I love you.