Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Brawl

They often come in everyone's life, those formidable seasons in which you find yourself in a massive rumble against your heavyweight to-do list. Sure, you could hold yourself against a couple of opponents well enough, but now the ring is feeling a little crowded. Life has become one long tale of exertion as you tackle one obligation after another. Finished the long day at work? Now it's time for homework! Ten minutes to use the internet before dinner? Do you pay bills or get back to that person who emailed you a month ago... You know what it's like. It's reminiscent of those scenes from old cartoons, in which the protagonist finds himself at the bottom of a pile of thugs, getting the living daylights kicked out of him. Or, maybe it was just that giant dust cloud with random fists, legs, and "ker-pow!" signs leaping out. Either way, its hilarious out of context.

Much to my shame, in the "romp" that has spanned the past few months, I have left the goon representing "being a more diligent blogger" remain unharmed for far too long. It is now my intention to give him swift comeuppance in the form of a Norris-worthy, round-house-kick-of-a-blog to the face. A blog so fierce, it will make all the other brawlers weep. Here goes nothing...

The Contenders For My Time (in no particular order)

1. The Workplace
I suppose I can't complain too much, since the down season we're in has cut my hours down to almost part-time. But I am still not a morning person, and starting everyday at 6 AM has a way of compromising much of my daily productivity. Good News: Still a good job as far as general labor goes. Plus it's the only income we've had for a while now. Bad News: I still wear a dorky beard-net.

2. The Schoolwork
The Nostalgia of being back in school is still sweet, but the warm fuzzies of having homework last about as long as the bacon does on my plate. Good News: How sweet it is to be learning and equipping for ministry! It's a very tangible reminder that I have something to work for. Bad News: At my current rate of 1 course a semester, I will graduate Seminary roughly the same time my grandchildren graduate high school.

3. Relationships
To be honest I'm still riding the wave of getting caught up with everybody now that I'm back in Canada, so it's hard to look at this one like a burden. There aren't many people I'd be sad to have over for dinner more often. I think I honestly could work a full time job just spending time with my wife, my friends, my family, my acquaintances, strangers, etc...Good News: I'm trying to get into the habit of spending time with groups of friends instead of just individuals. Often, it maximizes both time and fun! Bad News: People have jobs and school and commitments and some live so far away from me. Jerks.

4. Misc. Life Stuff
Has anyone else noticed the tremendous need for a simplified way to transfer vehicle ownership? And what's with all the crazy fees? I'm sure I could understand it if I took the time into researching why it is the way it is, but my day is full so I choose embittered ignorance. High-speed internet finally arrived this weekend! Also, Visa bills need to go away for a few weeks. Good News: We're hoping to leave our apartment this Spring and rent a house! Bad News: I have a bad feeling that house acquisition may be slightly more complicated than it is for a used car.

5. Spiritual Discipline
Ya, its a struggle, but its the good kind of struggle. I'm getting more connected at the church, which is amazing, and am going to start teaching Sunday School in a few weeks, which is even cooler! Good News: As part of my "schoolwork" I'm able to sit under the wisdom of godly men and women such as John Newton and Katherine Parr, and be humbled by the grace of Christ demonstrated through their lives. Bad News: I have maintained the face-palm-inducing ability to read God's Word and close my heart to its message. Wow, I need Grace.

6. Personal Ambitions
I want to write a science-fiction novel. I'm OK if it doesn't happen before I'm 40, but I'd like to see it happen sooner, if possible. I'm also trying to stay healthy by exercising regularly. On this, I am convinced that you need to be very smart or very dumb to keep this up, because on your last day alive, you're still gonna die, no matter what. So, the way I see it, you either work-out in some degree of delusion, or you take care of that decaying piece of flesh because you know that it's what a good steward does. Good News: My wife is the greatest encourager. Bad News: people who write science-fiction are rarely interviewed in fitness magazines. I may have a conflict of interests.

So, now you have a guided tour through the jungle that is my to-do list. I hope you don't read this as a complaint or boast of how bad I've got it, or how important I feel. I'm sure most of you could make a list that eats this one for breakfast. I've never been the busiest person I know and I don't expect I ever will be. Really, in addition to articulating a concise list of what's going on in life for those I haven't had the chance to get caught up with in a while, I find writing stuff like this helps keep my mind a little more organized. Goodness knows I need it!


Jake Rivers

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  1. Wow, your writing kicks my writing out of the water. Wanna write a book together some time? Love you, ya crazy list-writing junkie ;)