Tuesday, January 18, 2011


For the past several weeks (or has it been months now?) Ashleigh and I have been asking a surge of questions as to what our inaugural missionary placement will be. I can remember almost ten years ago, when God first saved me and how it took only a few days before I knew in my soul that I had to Go. No idea where, no idea doing what, no idea with whom. Nevertheless, something in the radical annexation of my soul that bound me into the family of God had likewise bound my will with purpose. If ever there was one content to do nothing and go nowhere, it was me. Now after years of wrestling with my flesh and my fears, the Holy Spirit has proved (obviously) the stronger and I am determined to trust and Go.
Now we're looking at getting on that plane within the next year and still no idea to where it will be. But if there's one overwhelming certainty, it is that the Word of God is the most powerful message ever written and that it is a message that the entire world needs to Hear.

And none more than me.

What a privilege to share in a ministry of reconciliation, while all the while continually being transformed by the very Words I bring!

God is good, all the time!


Jake Rivers

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