Sunday, December 19, 2010

Transitional Blog (With Commentary!)

Fact: It's been almost four months since my last blog.
Fact: A lot worth blogging about has taken place in the past four months.
Fact: I'm the type who feels that if I go this long without posting, my next blog should be totally worth the wait and unparalleled in profoundity.
Fact: I can't think of anything particularly profound at the moment.
Fact: I think a quick recap (plus commentary) is the best I can do for now
Fact: The following facts are, in fact, all factual

1. Job/apartment search (Early August): Lots of time on the internet sending out mass resumes and cover letters. End result is a one bedroom apartment over Ernie's in downtown Hespeler and a job at Boehmer Box in Kitchener. Lessons learned: This would have been a REALLY good time to have voice mail/caller ID. Also remember to double check you're sending the right cover letters to the right jobs...

2. The new apartment (End of August): After 5 years, I finally move out of dorm. Top five things I took for granted during these years:
a) shower curtains
b) toilet seats
c) roommates to borrow from
d) bedroom curtains
e) halls that don't smell like marijuana/dog poo/cat pee/leprosy

Perks = a nice view, a new fridge, and a visit from the toilet seat fairy*

*The one who sneaks in while you're sleeping and installs a new toilet seat in your bathroom without giving any notice. Creepy has never been so convenient!

3. New Job (End of August): Box factory. I start the day picking up boxes and putting them on skids. Repeat for 12 hours. What's in the boxes? More smaller boxes. What happens to those boxes? Probably just get thrown out as soon as you get home. I can't see TV dinner packaging having very long longevity.

4. Marriage (End of October): Amazing. Started amazing and keeps getting better. Wedding was the best, dance was awesome, my guys were great and Ash is a total babe who makes the best eggnog ever. Much more on the awesomeness of marriage can be said and can be expected in future posts.

5. Honeymoon in the DR (Early November): Banana Colada's are amazing. Beaches were closed most of the time and you need to check frequently when the 24/7 snack bars are open or you'll end up coming when they're closed a lot. Great Lasagna, great waves, great lizards, great wife, great memories.

6. Since then... : Lot's of unpacking, eating, errand running, and DEFINITELY lots of learning. I love being married to Ashleigh. Apart from coming to know Christ, it's the best thing that's ever happened to me. I can't wait to see what God has in store for us next!

Thanks for taking the time to catch up with me!



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