Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Motion in Poetry

With all the intensity of the past few days culminating in the epic crossing from Canada into the USA, it's been hard to articulate just how amazing this adventure has been so far. Thus, I have opted to convey my words in the form of a poem to convey the sweeping magnitude that is my emotion. Here is the essence of yesterdays adventure. Due to time constraints, I have opted for haiku.

Cross border at 4,
Stealing train station Wi-Fi
Eat big hamburger.

But seriously we're love traveling and we especially love being in the US. And now for several days of intensive training before the grand departure for Brazil on Saturday!

Until next time,

Jake Rivers

1 comment:

  1. Hi Jake
    So much for you both to be doing this last few weeks and now your journey has begun and you will soon be heading for your destination
    Our love and prayers will be accompanying you both all the way, every day.
    Much love from Nana and Poppa