Saturday, September 24, 2011

B-How Testimonial #462

The following story is true. It is one of many.

     Just a few weeks ago, Ash and I had taken our beloved car into the shop to get some work done on a rusted tailpipe. We were just in the process of paying and getting ready to leave with our newly restored Cavi when suddenly, disaster struck. At perhaps the worst moment possible, the key slipped from my fingers. We both watched in horror as it fell through the untimely gap in the parking break. Frantically I attempted to reach through the fatal chasm, but to no avail. A flashlight and a pair of pliers were quickly procured, but only served to shove the obnoxiously flat metal key further beneath the parking break.

     The afternoon sun grew hot. Time wore on. The only other spare key we had required another 45 minute walk back to our apartment. We were losing hope.

     "You guys need a hand?" Came a familiar voice. There, standing like a beacon of hope in the sunlight stood Dr. Barry Howson. Just a few feet away, standing next to his trusty pick-up, here before us was one of the legends of Heritage College and Seminary. The only man to have a triple doctorate in Theology, Mechanics, and Awesome (well, according to rumour). His personal library is limitless. Autobots revere him. Decepticons fear him. B-How had come to save the day. 

     After explaining the situation, and doing my best with the pliers to shove the key to the best possible retrieval point, we let the Doctor do his work. He at first sought out an extendable magnet from his tool box, but when it failed to appear, he rolled up his sleeves and went for it bare-handed. It was a fierce struggle, even for B-How. The moments that crawled by in the hot sun were agonizing. Then, all of a sudden, like the articulation of a difficult theological concept, Barry held up the elusive key! 

"Here you go."

And then, almost before we had a chance to thank him, he was off again in his pick-up, no doubt following his instincts to yet another desperate theo-mechanical crisis. His work here was done. 

Thanks Dr. Howson!


Jake Rivers


  1. I love it! Thanks for sharing that story and sharing it so well! True Jakeness came through even though it was all about Dr. Howson