Monday, July 25, 2011

And This Little Piggy...

I started my third week at Conestoga Meat Packers today. I seem to have a knack for finding the unusual employment options and this one is certainly no exception. At Conestoga, we kill pigs. Lots of pigs. Over 3000 a day! Then other people cut them into pieces and other people like me package them. Then people like you and me buy and eat. I remember taking my first full tour of the plant and actually seeing for the first time the rows and rows of slaughtered pigs and being surprised that inasmuch as the sight is disgusting, it's the smell that makes the biggest impact. But even that I am sure, as with other things, you get used to eventually. Though there is no denying it does something to a person to witness death on such an extensive scale, even if they are only animals. I don't think I could ever again read about blood or sacrifice, or mass execution without being reminded of what I have now observed.
But on a lighter note, to answer that ever present question, "Can you still eat pork now that you know where it comes from?" The answer is yes. I love pork. And my employee discount will certainly see good use during my time here. To close, I am submitting my list of top pork puns that have come to mind during my shifts.

Monotony: It's a boar-ing job but someone's gotta do it!
Monopoly: I have hotels on Boar-walk and Pork-place!
New Testament: What you Sow you shall Reeeeep!
Old Testament: [File not found]

That's all folks,


Jake Rivers


  1. LOL Oh Jake! Thanks for that this made me laugh! I see that those illustrations will come together for future use very easily with this job. Well done. Hey I get to spend some time with your wifey today

  2. hahahaha...those puns are "bacon" the question, Jake...maybe I leave them to you from now on ;) xoxo