Monday, June 6, 2011

Prayer and Falsehood

Today I counted three reasons I find prayer very difficult above all other spiritual disciplines. It's partially because I get distracted easily. It's partially because most of the time I am content with life and feel no need to draw near to God. But primarily, I struggle with prayer because there are cavities in my heart that still cling to false notions about God; notions which have yet to undergo the Holy Spirit's sanctifying work.
By God's grace I can say that I am sick of the false life to which these falsehoods seek to subject me. By God's additional grace, I am seeking that over the next 30 days, the Holy Spirit will draw me into a deeper grasp of what is true about God's character. Here are some of the key falsehoods I desire to be freed from over the next month.

Falsehood 1: Men are to be feared and submitted to over God.

Falsehood 2: My standing, worth, and significance before God is based upon the work I do.

Falsehood 3: God's Word cannot be trusted

My prayer, is that above all, Jesus Christ will bring glory to himself by manifesting his power in my life in a way that transcends to even the slightest aspects of how I live the life he ransomed.


Jake Rivers

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